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 Dessert  Tester Programs

What is it?

Our Desserts Tester Programs are a monthly subscription for new  desserts. These programs allow us the opportunity to test and gain feedback on new flavors. If you are a dessert lover, then these is for you. 

Become a Postal Tester

At Sim's Desserts, we believe that there is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving goodies in the mail. We wanted to box up this feeling of joy, and hand it right back to our customers!


That is why we are introducing our newest Postal Program, where customers will receive either cookies, brownies, or blondies shipped right to their door monthly.  By signing up to be a Postal Tester, you not only are receiving fresh new flavors monthly, but you are also helping us figure out what works and what does not.

Become a Postal Tester
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Postal Tester
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Become a Cupcake Tester
Cupcake Tester
Become a Cupcake Tester

Have you heard of our Cupcake Tester Program? It includes half a dozen of our freshest and newest cupcake flavors for only $12 a month. This subscription allows us to test new flavors before adding them to our menu. With your help and feedback, Sim's Desserts will continue to expand and grow for the better.

Pick-up your monthly cupcake package, from our Online Pick up location in Laurel, MD.

It’s Really Simple

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  • 6 cupcakes (monthly)

  • $12/month ($21 value)

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