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I started my baking business called Sim’s Desserts in 2017, when I was 12 years old.  The slogan I created at that time, and still remains, is “Great Desserts with Great Impacts” because I want to provide desserts that impact this world no matter how big or small. 



There are baked goods everywhere you go. You can walk into just about any grocery store and you will find mass produced chain baked goods or cheap baked goods made by the grocery store. The issue is, oftentimes these baked goods are not made to benefit the consumer, instead they are made to higher profit margins. They are filled with artificial flavoring, colors, high processed ingredients, and loaded with preservatives. As a result, this adds to our community suffering from health complications. Sim's Desserts strives to be the exact opposite. We want to be able to source our ingredients from organic farms across the U.S. and from companies who believe in sustainability and ethical practices. 


Another thing we have realized in our community is that there are hardly any bakeries that provide alternatives to target all individuals. And when they do have alternatives for individuals, they are often limited to one item. Not everyone can enjoy just plain desserts. There are so many people who have allergies, who are vegan, or who just want a healthier option. This is why Sim's Desserts is includes vegan, gluten free, and low sugar flavors to our daily menu and we take special requests to make sure everyone in my community can enjoy my desserts. Anyone and everyone should be able to enjoy delicious desserts. 

Simone's Future Plans

 In the future, I want to open up a storefront bakery, hoping to become a black and women owned Fortune 500 company.


Additionally, I will use my desserts to help donate to local charities and fund research. I want to use a percentage of my proceeds from my dessert orders to help cancer research and develop a recipe that may mask the medicines that cancer patients have to take. My family has been impacted by cancer, as my grandma died from it 7 years ago, and my young cousin who is the same age as me was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 10. Being able to provide a positive outlook to something so negative, will not only make my grandmother proud, but also benefit families like mine who currently are struggling. 

Another dream of mine is to provide classes for the younger people who have a passion for baking like me and also for those with entrepreneurial tendencies. There are not many organizations that help teach young kids that they can be entrepreneurs or successful bakers. I want to teach them that there is no age limit for success. They can do anything they put their mind to and I want to show them that.

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